Gavin 'Kev Dee' Moscrop

If you're here you decided to learn more about me. How nice of you to take interest!

I created $ELLOUT$ out of my love for music, I’ll listen to near enough everything but stuff ranging from Pop-punk to screamo are my main genres.

My favourite bands are A Day To Remember, Blink 182, Sum 41… more or less all the early 2000’s pop punk and metal bands.

The other reason I created $ELLOUT$ was to tell stories about these interesting characters. I want to shed a light on a lot of the issues that anyone from early teens to 30+ adults deal with. Everyone has a struggle, whether it be financial well-being, mental health, physical health or something not well known to the world. I want people to be able to identify with characters that go through that same struggle, I don’t want to just give out answers to questions I don’t know or don’t have a definitive answer but I want to at least get people thinking.

Anyway for those who are interested here's a look at some of my other projects.


Warriors of Agrohaa




Codename: Birdman

Years ago the wars between the Avians and the Mammals were tearing apart the land. Relations were in tatters and once a majority of the Avians were wiped out with Nuclear blasts the remaining survivors became POW’s. Half of the survivors were taken to secret underground facilities where they were experimented on. As they began to show signs of unnatural powers an escape effort was put in to action and the prisoners integrated back in to society where they could. 

Avians being a rare sight nowadays they are often discriminated against so many stay in the shadows, as they reproduced there was a 50/50 chance their offspring would be enhanced. These enhanced individuals were known as Kinetics due to their ability to manipulate objects with their mind, though they could only manipulate objects withing 10cm of their body.

With power comes chaos, Kinetics began to appear and wreak havoc on the populace. This is where Birdman came in to the light.

An Avian grizzled ex-military Kinetic who works alone incapacitating evil for the authorities to pick up, using his Kinetic abilities to add and extra punch to his regular attacks making him stronger than the average person.


Unnamed Hunger games inspired Sci-fi show/movie.